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Accepted Insurances

Ozarks Community Hospital and clinics accept a wide variety of insurances, for a comprehensive list check out our Forms & Documents. Please verify your insurance with your provider, as not all providers accept the same commercial insurances.

Accepted Insurances

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • UHC Military
  • Some commercial insurances (please call your individual provider to verify)

Everyone deserves access to care. OCH is the lowest cost healthcare system in the nation based on hospital and physician utilization by Medicare beneficiaries. More than 80% of patients visiting OCH have governmental insurance or are self pay.We offer discounts of 40% or more to uninsured patients and we’ve never sued a patient to collect a bill. Nor have we reported a patient to a credit bureau for nonpayment.

Uninsured Sliding Fee

It is the policy of Ozarks Community Hospital to discount the hospital’s usual and customary charges for services provided to an uninsured “self-pay” patient in return for prompt payment in full of the discounted amount.

  • Payment of the discounted amount established by the self-pay fee schedule for office visits, office procedures and urgent care services is expected at the time of service.
  • Payment of the discounted amount established by the patient finance department for a non-emergency hospital surgery or other service is expected prior to the service.
  • Payment of any discounted amount billed to the patient after the service is expected in less than thirty days after the date of the invoice statement. If the discounted bill is not paid in full by that date, the next statement shall reverse the discount from the total original charge amount and bill the entire remaining balance.

The discount applies only to patients who have no benefits payable by a third party. The discount does not apply to the patient’s deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, non-covered service liability or out-of-network liability.

Ozarks Community Hospital has the right to refuse treatment for any non-emergency medical condition in the event the patient fails to pay for services provided in accordance with this policy.

If you have questions about payment or billing, please submit a question here.

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