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Ozarks Community Hospital, Christian County Clinic (Nixa)

Description of Service

OCH Ophthalmology offers the following services and specialties: cataracts, diabetic and hypertensive eye exams, foreign body removals, malignancies of periorbita and lids, with reconstructive repair, neoplasms, “Lumps and Bumps” ptosis repair (droopy or uneven lid heights), blepharoplasty, misdirected or aberrant eyelashes, ill-positioned eyelids, periorbital and lid trauma, chalazion (stye) incision and drainage, blepharospasm, temporal artery biopsy, orbital tumors, thyroid eye disease, ocular inflammatory disease, orbital bony fracture and related reconstructive repair, enucleation/evisceration with reconstruction, botox (face), injectable fillers for eyes, face, lips, blepharoplasty, brow lift and chemical peels.


Contact Information

  • Ozarks Community Hospital – (417) 875-4728
  • Christian County Clinic – (417) 725-8250

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